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Amy Ernst “Places I have Never Been”
Exhibit dates: September 11 th – October 18 th, 2008

When I first went to Barcelona , the impact of its’ incredible mountains with the changing of typography was beyond my expectations. There were times when the sky seemed to touch the tips of the mountains of Monserrat, ( I them the ladies of the mountain) located about l hour outside of the main city of Barcelona .

Each work in this exhibition is a direct influence from my many trips to Spain . Particularly at the Cathedral of Monserrat and its’ surroundings.

Moonscape or (Moon Over Monserrat) 2006, is an oil on canvas with mixed media and collage. This work was the turning point for my rock series.

In the winter of 2007, in New York City, the Dieu Donne Papermill gave me the opportunity to continue my rock series by creating pigmented collaged papers. There is no paint used in these works, only pigmented paper.

The handmade books are a direct link between actual story telling, the influence of my many years of Northern Italian Renaissance collages and the Renaissance Book Boxes. All are hand-sewn and each book has 12 pages; telling the love story of Alfredo and Elizabeth.

Of course the influence of the places I have been play a large part in the creation of all my work, but then that is when I leave the path and go into my mind, or dreamlike state.

Amy Ernst   June, 2008
Monserrat    http://www.beautifulview.com/spain/mont01.html

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