Reverse Renaissance Studio

My work are an extension of my hands emerging from the subjective dreams. Trying to coax the unconscious into reality, that reality seems to always remain a mystery.

Like Andre Breton, author of the Surrealist Manifesto of 1924, I believe in a Future Resolution of two states on mind, one is dream, and the other one is the reality. Although these states appear to be contradictory by nature, they merge and become an absolute.

Rene Magritte defines "the surreal as reality" "Sans le mystere, il n'ya rien."

(Without mystery there is nothing.)

" Le mystere ne correponde a aucume doctrine, le mystere sans lequel aucum monde ni aucume pensee de sont possibilities."

(The mysterious does not conform to any law; no world, no thought is possible without it.)

The only requirement to the viewer is to be a receptive being.

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